Welcome to Roots Massage in Ashland, Oregon. Therapeutic massage and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® by Jenny Bernoulli, LMT.


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I loved how gentle Jen was with our 2-week old baby girl; I trusted her right away.  Since the treatment, our baby seems to be turning to the right now as much as to the left, instead of favoring the left all the time.  She also lets her hands rest down at her sides more often.  And her latch has improved when breast-feeding so that we don’t have to use a nipple shield all the time.

For the past 20 years, I have been receiving massage treatments from various therapists. My most effective results occur with Jen Spears. She’s very knowledgeable and communicates well with me concerning my problem areas. I especially enjoy her walking on my back and hamstrings as she suspends her body from ceiling beams. This technique penetrates deep into my tight muscles and stretches them out immediately. I give Jen 5 stars!

Carol R.

A massage from Jenny Spears is an experience to change the way you look at massage.  I have been to many massage therapists and Jenny’s work is some of the most intricate, thorough, and beneficial I’ve ever received.  The way she trades off between using her hands and feet is something you have to feel for yourself, and when you feel the benefits you will be hooked.

Heather H

As a massage therapist, Jenny Spears has a strong knowledge of the muscles and the ability to maintain a firm pressure. She intuitively knows when to dig deep and when to gently work her way in.  When she practices Ashiatsu, her heels can relieve my low back tension better than any other type of bodywork I’ve ever had.

Kristin S

When I started seeing Jenny, I was suffering from chronic lower back and hip pain.  After a series of treatments my pain was significantly reduced to next to nothing.  I feel like Jenny understands how to actually treat and remedy a condition rather than just relieve the symptoms for a short period of time.  My husband and I have seen massage therapists for years, she is honestly the best one we have ever had the pleasure of being treated by.

Kristie D

It is absolutely amazing how Jenny can read the body.

Nancie G

Jenny is truly gifted.  She works with my body in ways that release physical restrictions that go to the soul – the roots— and she works with such compassion. I am grateful.

Judith C

Jenny has kept me running without pain!


Jenny is generous with her time and energy.  She has such great concern for healing all aspects of a person—mind, body and soul.


One characteristic that differentiates Jen from other massage therapists is her compassion for her patients.  She learns about the root cause of your pain and that takes time, dedication and listening.  In addition, Jen has a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and how the body moves and functions.

Barbara Z.

As a professional dance instructor, my shoulders get a lot of use (and abuse).  In just a couple sessions Jen made an immense difference in my shoulders and put me happily back on the dance floor.

Victoria, Bend Dance